Update Ms Office And Your Computer With Latest Microsoft Updates & Outlook Updates For Windows

Outlook_640-624x351Whenever we need something new or special features in current or running softwares then we often seek for new updates in any software. Unfortunately Software’s are not perfect for long time, that’s why dynamic Software companies introduced various updates for their users. Microsoft Inc. is one of them, this Software company is known for its excellent software products, dynamic properties and compatibility with device which make its software highly demanded and useful for daily schedule work. Now there is no need to explain more about Microsoft’s products, as millions of Internet and Computer users are using this brand from initial days.

Its time to update your device and running applications with Latest Microsoft Updates, for instance you need to take some simple steps to set your computer to install them automatically, best thing is that you can do this task for system Windows as well as Mac. Here we are going to share this details for Windows 10 and other Windows version. Office updates, Outlook updates are part of the Microsoft Updates, you can avail advantage of new updates and get updates manually for this you all have to check for updates at regular basis, but if you will use automatic updating then there is no need to check regularly or weekly for new updates.

Enable Automatic Updates in Windows 10

In case if you don’t turn on automatic updating then you need to start from settings and time in Windows Update.

Step 1:- Start → Settings → Updates and Security.


Step 2:- Select Advanced Option


Step 3 :- Under Choose how updates are installed, select the options that you want, including checking the Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows box in order to get Office updates.


You may click here to turn on automatic updates in Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Microsoft has also provide lots of other and various different updates For Mac users, so get ready to avail advantage of Ms Office Updates With full screen Outlook and other amazing features.

About 1 month ago Microsoft has added new features for all of the apps in the suite, such as Outlook and PowerPoint. Yes now Mac users can also exploit the full -screen mode in OS X, this feature will help you to see multiple items side by side.

Now Ms Word users can easily save their PDF files to flash drive, on the other hand OneNote has also gained support for the shapes gallery with ability to add various shapes to pages. Both Excel and PowerPoint have new selection panes that is used keep track of objects and let allow its users to rearrange them at will. You may directly get updates like v15.18.0 from Microsoft official site and installed these updates through Office’s AutoUpdate system. Being a regular Mac user it is advised to must have an active Office 365 subscription.

Apart from updating you new Microsoft’s updates we have some other important updates for but this updates may show you severe time as it is about system vulnerabilities, yes we are discussing about fake Microsoft Outlook Updates that is used to Install Trojan

This vicious Spam campaign caught by Panda Labs is using fake Microsoft updates notice to trick targeted users into installing a Trojan. This malicious stubborn threat has been circulated through e-mail that spoofed to looks as it send from Microsoft Support. No one can claims that the email is part of Scam and used for spreading Malware, that’s why it is always advised to keep your computer up-to date and installed a genuine Windows Scanner Tool to detect and delete harmful threats immediately from computer before they cause to create different vulnerabilities and make victims hard to revert back.

But despite lack of informations and some common grammatical errors, the e-mail send from Spammers does contains some clear clues which indicates about negativity. Such as neither Microsoft nor any other company distributes their updates and other patched via email attachments.

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