Tips To Resolving Outlook Error Code 17099 Mac : How To Fix (OLM File Corruption) Outlook 2011 On Mac Machine


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Ms Outlook is known and popular as most widely used email client application for both OS users : Windows and Mac OS X. when Microsoft Inc. introduce Office for Mac system, there are thousands of Outlook users increased within a very short span of time. With same smooth transition like Outlook on Windows have designed for Mac system with same interface for both platform and minor adaptive changes make Outlook on Mac very easy to use. Unfortunately, some error were also found during plague this program, one such common and error is corruption of OLM file, it is similar to PST corruption issues. In this post we will be focusing on two major Outlook issues on Mac computer and its solution : first one is OLM file corruption and second is Outlook Error Code 17099 Mac.

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What is OLM File?

olm fileThis section is for those users who still unfamiliar with the term OLM – this is the file format for Outlook on Mac system, this file is used to use to store all outlook items. If you have Outlook on Windows system then you will better understand this concept because it is completely similar to PST issues on Windows platform. It means similar to PST, this OLM file is also used to store emails, contacts, tasks , calender, appointments and entire Outlook items on Mac platform. Safety of OLM file I very important for smooth outlook functioning, it means corruption with OLM file may result in loss of precious data along with lots of money and effort as well. That’s why it is always advised to keep backup of files, sometimes it happen when even after taking precautions and putting safety and backup files Outlook users face OLM corruption issues.
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What are the reasons for OLM file corruption?

There are many reasons find behind OLM file corruption, some major or most common facts are mentioned below:

  • Outdated Outlook version
  • Virus attack on Mac system
  • Hard drive failure issues
  • Unsuccessful or interrupted Outlook installation on Mac
  • External removal media failure on which the OLM file is stored
  • Crash of sever (Microsoft Exchange Server) may also result on OLM file corruption

Effects of Damaged OLM file :

Once OLM file get corrupted due to any possible reasons, then you may face very crucial time during performing regular tasks on Outlook and even may face disaster situations. Some of the mentioned after-effects of OLM file corruption are:

  • Unable to send or receive emails
  • Inability to upload and download attachments
  • Unexpected error code 17099 may appear frequently when outlook is opened.

Method to repair damaged OLM files manually:

OlM file has corruption is very common among Outlook users on Mac platform thus, there are many manual methods are available to recover from it. One of the best solution is to replace OLM backup to damaged or corrupted .olm files. In case after replacing files problems still persists then you may try given manual techniques that are mentioned below :

  • If you have recently updated Outlook and after updating you are experiencing olm file corruption or any kind of inaccessibility with Outlook then roll back to the previous Outlook version or re-download the update.
  • Test Outlook by creating new hotmail or outlook account, if you don’t have nay problem with new account it means existing problems may be related to your account Preferences settings. Thus, Quit outlook, remove Preference settings and re-open Outlook to complete process.

Facts behind Outlook Error Code 17099 on Mac:

Error Code 17099 on Mac appear when SMTP server taking a transient or unexpected error code.
Error Code 17099 on Mac may also appear during trying to send large groups emails and ISP has precise a number limit.

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Resolution :

To fix Error Code 17099 on Mac, you may try several options but first you need to try Microsoft Database Utility in order to reconstruct identity database. Steps to rebuild database:

  • First close all running Windows as well as applications
  • Now press “Option” key to open Outlook on Mac then find the utility and click on → Rebuild
  • When “Rebuilding Main Identity” dialog box will appear with its progress report and after completing entire process after receiving message “your database was rebuilt successfullyclick on → Done button.

If the above mentioned methods are not prove fruitful for existing problems and Outlook Error Code 17099 Mac and you are experiencing these mentioned issues like : errors for Mac Outlook like “An unknown error has occurred in Outlook. Error code – 17099” or “Cannot find [PATH]\OLM.DLL” or “This application failed to start because OLM.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”, then in such you need to take help of any genuine OML repair tool to fix Outlook issues on Mac system.