Malware Invasion On Windows may Causing Issues With Scanpst.exe : Know About Scanpst.exe, Its Usages| Limitations & How To Fix Severely Damaged PST Files With Ease

images (1)In this article we will focus on some important facts, drawbacks, limitations and usages of Scanpst.exe. Lets understands what is scanpst.exe? It is an inbuilt tool that comes with all Outlook version to fix minor issues of Outlook pst files. As well all know PST files are prone to corruption and there are unlimited possible reasons are appear that may corrupt PST files and corruption may causing unexpected issues. To overcome such situations, Microsoft’s Inc has provided this Scanpst.exe which is used to repair damaged or corrupted .pst files. It is very easy to use this bulletin utility if you have any problem then click this links for more info :

However this tool is designed to fix issues related with .SPT files, but it can only fix minor issues. Yes, scanpst.exe can’t repair severely damaged PST files it means it can’t be complete solution for Outlook PST files. Apart from this there are many other limitations were are seems on scanpst.exe some are listed below :

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