Repair Your Corrupt Microsoft Outlook File in few simple clicks

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Are you unable to open an important outlook file? Is your contact file corrupt? How can you repair the corrupt file?

Repair Your Corrupt Microsoft Outlook File

Microsoft Outlook is an application used for organizing e-mails, calendar, notes, memos, appointments and many more personal and business communication tools. All the mails, calendar events and other files of Microsoft outlook are saved with a .pst extension.

PST stands for Personal Storage Table. These files are stored on the user computer itself. PST files can also be stored on a server, but Microsoft recommends storing the file on the local computer. Because using it over a network may corrupt or damage the file. The more prominent use of PST file is that it is used to store archived items. PST files can get corrupt and there are various reasons behind it.

  • If the hard drive where the PST file is saved has bad sector then the file stored on that sector will get corrupted.
  • When trying to access a file over a network and the network has some problem then the file will get corrupted.
  • Power cut off while accessing the PST file can damage it.
  • File system getting corrupted. The file system keeps a record of the different files stored on the physical memory  of the computer, if by any chance the file system losses the record of the PST file then it is difficult for the OS to  locate the file when requested by the user.
  • Terminating the outlook unusually. The outlook should be closed properly.

When a problem arises in any PST file, the outlook will display a message which tells you to use the Inbox Repair Tool to repair the corrupted personal file. The Inbox repair tool is provided along with the Microsoft Office package. It is installed automatically when the Outlook is installed. Locating the folder is a difficult job when the need arises. You can easily download Inbox repair tool download. After successfully locating the Inbox repair tool folder, you’ll have to run the scanpst.exe so that it can scan the file.

The Inbox repair tool may not work with some of the PST file, for example a file which was created using an older version of the outlook and is being used with a newer version. Similarly a file which has crossed the 2 GB size limit might not be properly repaired with the Inbox repair tool.

If you are unable to repair the corrupt PST file or folder using the Inbox repair tool then you need to download a third party Inbox repair tool. The Reparation PST tool repairs and recovers contacts, e-mail, calendar, appointments and every file with the PST extension. It saves the repaired files to a safe location. The Outlook repair tool can also recover the lost PST files.

So click the link below to download the Outlook PST repair tool. Download it now to scan and get a preview of the repaired files.