Is Outlook 2013 Sync Issues With Gmail Problems Caused By Patches Kb2837618 Or Kb2837643

imagesBeing a regular Outlook users I can understand that how problems occur while syncing Outlook with Gmail. Before synchronization I was found of MS outlook and like other Outlook users I’m also surprised by the various improvements in Outlook 2013 version. I use Outlook to manage multiple Gmail accounts, all accounts are configured for IMAP. After syncing Outlook with Gmail I had experienced huge pain and unexpected troubles while managing both accounts gmail and outlook. As we all know that IMAP afford and support real time syncing so whenever I used to perform any thing with Outlook it automatically reflected elsewhere like my mobile phone or browser.

Lets understand what exactly happen after syncing Outlook with Gmail?

After synchronization if you delete any email from Outlook then that email shouldn’t see in Gmail Inbox. But unfortunately it happen after syncing, I’ve checked various mail related activities on my phone and browser where IMAP worked properly as it supposed to. It means only MS outlook failed to syncing. After reading many article and FORUM sites I found that thousands of Outlook users have experienced same situation and still seeking solution to fix Outlook 2013 Sync Issues With Gmail. Worst thing is that IMAP syncing issues also affecting Outlook 2013 and Office 365 functionality.

IMAP syncing issues may caused by installing these Microsoft’s Patches Kb2837618 Or Kb2837643 that has been released on 11/12/13. you may read and found many discussion as well forum on these two Kb2837618 Or Kb2837643 patches. There are lots of unexpected errors and troubles are also experiencing after installation of these two security patches, apart from IMAP syncing issues this KB2837618 causes Outlook 2013 to hang. So it advised to Uninstall these updates if you are not ready to do so and want to continue with these updates then you may opt further step that may temporary help to fix existing issues. Mostly, your important email attachments from Outlook gets hacked and inaccessible due to virus attacks. To know more information about virus removal, visit :

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