Malicious Attack on Computer Causing Inaccessibility & Other Troubles With Ms Outlook Application

downloadHelp, I’m a regular computer user, from last couple of days my computer is performing weird. I’m unable to find-out exact problem behind the existing troubles. I’ve scanned computer and got surprised when scanning result display on screen, I got long list of malicious program in scanning result, afterward I start deleting detected threats and reboot computer. Nothing changed after deleting those suspicious programs, still I’m experiencing same issues, my computer is not performing like usual, it still stop responding or freezes for long time. I don’t want to access my computer in such situations, I was shocked when I start searching malware related issues and found that there are more than thousands of Windows and Internet users are being attacked by different Malware programs. I’ve got some solution from genuine and well know forum sites you may also see it :- for reference.

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