Simple method to recover lost photos from Nikon camera

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SD card which actually stands for secure digital card is a nonvolatile storage card means you can retain all important information in your card even when camera is not on. Due to its small size and high capacity of retaining information makes it most popular storage device. You can store information in this device according to the size of this device.

recover lost photos from Nikon

In Nikon camera you all the images or other things are stored in .NEF file format. This .NEF format is a very sensitive RAW file format means this format contain actual data that comes during taking picture. As the card contains RAW data so the possibilities of corruption in SD card become very strong. Some of the most common reasons of corruption in the SD card of Nikon digital camera are –

>> Switching off camera while Read/Write operation is going on
>> Due to low battery
>> Trying to format card in computer in place of camera
>> Trying to use memory card which are not formatted in camera
>> During transferring files removing the SD card
>> Continuously taking snapshots even when SD card is full

These are the common mistakes that will prevent you from using the digital camera. But if the corruption situation arises then first of all you will have to immediately stop the use of memory card. Because due to corruption the file does not gets deleted from your card, but it is still present in your SD card until you had overwritten that place. The third party Nikon Photo Recovery Software will help you to recover all images/photos/video and audio songs, if you had not overwritten that place. The third party Nikon SD card Photo Recovery Software will use its strong programming technique to recover photo from all kind of memory cards like compact flash card, smart media card, Memory stick, Micro card etc. This software has several advance features that totally differentiate it from other. The most common feature of this third party Nikon SD card Photo Recovery software is –

>> It supports various readers like CD-ROM drive, LPT, floppy drive, serial port etc.
>> It also supports logical volume
>> Gives the event log of all recovered files
>> Supports all major video and audio file formats like MP4, MOV, DAT, AMV etc.
>> Recover various photo formats like JPEG, GIF, RAW, NFF etc.

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