PST File Got Encrypted After Clicking on Unknown Email Attachment : How to Fix and Repair PST Files

imagesA few day I receive an email that contain a pdf file along with few attachments, it came from unknown sources when I click on that mail then my whole system get freezed and nothing work for until I perform restart computer. I was shocked after restart, my desktop background was changed automatically with a strange notification which states that my system files has been encrypted and if I want my files back then I have to pay certain amount. At the same time I was try to open a file appear on Desktop, unfortunately that notification was saying right my each and every single files was locked with unknown extension. I start searching about this situations and found many forum sites e.g :-

After go through many sites I realized that my computer has attacked by kind of ransomware program, since I ‘m not technically skilled and unable to describe exact situations of mt system but now it has been cleared that my files are encrypted due to file encryption ransomware program. After spending many hours on Internet finally I get an effective tool which help me get rid of existing problem get back in its original format. When I scan computer using that tool then I saw that my computer was filled with only malicious programs, I really don’t know when and how those harmful programs get inside my computer without my consent but thanks to Windows scanner software that help me a lot and make my computer safe secure from upcoming malware attacks. Now everything is working perfectly My Outlook, and other installed program.

Experiencing unexpected troubles due to malware attacks is really a bad experience, unfortunately we can’t stop those malicious program from being installed on computer but we cab prevent out PC from that threatening program by simply implementing some precautionary majors such as downloading free stuffs from safe and reliable sites, never click on unknown links and Spam attachments, must read terms and conditions carefully before installing new software and scan external media before use. WE extremely recommended you to download the scanpstexe Recovery Software to repair damaged PST files from Outlook application. These are basic prevention tips that really help to keep computer away from harmful things, being a regular computer it is always advised to keep your anti-virus program updated and must follow these precautionary steps to prevent computer from malware attack.

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