Outlook PST Problems Resolved Via Outlook Repair Tool

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When it comes to find out who is the best personal information manager program then the name of Microsoft’s Outlook comes on the top. It is an application that has lots of features and capabilities that makes tasks easy to perform. It is available as both separate application as well as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Outlook PST Problems Resolved

The Latest version of Outlook is Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 for Windows Operating system and Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 for Macintosh Operating systems. It include am email application, Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, Notes Taking, Journal and Web Browsing. It can be used in both standalone application as well as work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Sharepoint Server for multiple users in any organizations like shared mailboxes and calendars, Exchange Public folders, SharePoint Lists and meeting schedules. It is also capable to add itself to other add on application and integrate with the blackberry mobile phone and other software like Skype Internet communication. For software developers, they can use Microsoft Visual Studio to to create their custom application that work on outlook and office components.

Even if Microsoft has made so many updates in the Microsoft Outlook application, still there are some drawbacks in it. The most common drawback is the slow performance over time. To understand this you need to go through outlook’s data management mechanism. In the Outlook, the PST files which is also known as Personal storage Table is used as a repository. For every Single user profile, one PST file is created. It means everything that you are storing on your computer is getting stored in the single Outlook PST file and this simple cause increasing the size of the outlook PST file bigger and bigger very soon. That is proportional to the required resource that need to operate the outlook PST file. The bigger its size, the more resources it require from the computer. This makes the computer slower over time.Not only the slow performance issue but there are several outlook PST corruption issues too. If you are using outlook versions before outlook 2003 the there is a problem of 2GB oversize outlook PST corruption. In those outlook versions, there was the ANSI PST file format was used and this had the limitation of 2GB file size.

Whenever the PST file crosses this limit, the outlook PST file automatically corrupts. This means everything present in that PST file becomes lost and inaccessible.Microsoft addresses this problem and from outlook 2003, the Unicode PST file format was introduced which is free from 2GB file corruption issue. But still there are lots of reasons that cause outlook PST files damaged anda cause loosing the data. Microsoft Outlook comes with Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) which is build to scan and repair outlook PST file. It usually work and recover the data by repairing the file but it does not work in every kind of PST corruption. Like if the data part of the Outlook PST is corrupted then it is quite cumbersome for this tool to fix it and it generally fails to repair it. Here you need professional Outlook Repair Tool. The Microsoft Scanpst Tool is a professional award winning application that is build to make your computer running without trouble. This application is capable to scan and repair outlook PST files from various PST corruptions and repair as well as restore all the outlook PST objects. It uses various robust algorithms to scan and recover PST objects from your system. This program has various types of recovery options available too that can recover all different items.

Features of Outlook Repair Tool

  • It is capable to Perform email recovery
  • It is capable to repair corrupt and damaged Outlook PST Files from any condition
  • It can perform the email recovery for deleted files as well
  • It is capable to perform Encrypted PST File Recovery and recover data from password protected PST files as well
  • You can choose the selective files too and recover only those files as it provides selective recovery
  • It is capable to repair PST files larger than 2GB and give you the files
  • You can see the preview of the files before actual recovery process starts and choose the files you want to recover.
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