Tips To Fix Outlook Issues for Outlook 2011 For Mac

Today I’m going to deal some important facts and issues which has been faced by thousands of Mac users in this article you will be know about Outlook Issues for Outlook 2011 For Mac. Many mac users has already complained that whenever they start Outlook for Mac 2011, the application hangs or crashes. After resolving Outlook for Mac 2011, the application hangs or crashes issues we will move to another known issues outlook 2011 for Mac. refer to :-

Note :- The location of certain files are different, it depends on the basis of Service Pack version, so first you need to check which version yo have installed. To check which version is installed open → Word click → About Word from the Word menu. Here you need to notice if the version number is 14.2.0 or above it means you have Service Pack 2 (SP2), given resolution is also applicable for SP2.

Step 1: First Quit Outlook along with other application

Follow given steps to quite active applications

Select Force Quit from the Apple menu or (you may use command by pressing -Option -Esc).
Select application from the “Force Quit Application” Window.
Now click on → Force Quit
Simultaneously, repeat this process until close all active applications completely


Note : You can’t quit Finder, and like Windows OS any unsaved changes with open files will not saved if application is forcibly closed.

Now try to open Outlook 2011 again, if the issues crashes or hangs still occur then move to next resolution steps.

Step 2: Open Outlook 2011 Without Running Schedules or trying to connect to mail server is a easiest way to find out that existing issues related to account settings or pending send/receive actions. To perform this task, follow these steps:

First prevent Outlook from sending and receiving emails by pressing Shift Key and click on → Outlook icon on the Dock.
Quit Outlook then again Open Outlook, in case if the issues continues to occur move to next step.

Step 3 : Verify the Outlook Identity

Outlook creates new database automatically by moving the folder to the Desktop

By default Outlook database and data records are stored in the Office 2011 Identities folder, Outlook will automatically create new database by moving the folder to Desktop. After this if Outlook opens without and problem, it means you have to troubleshoot the Outlook database. For this you need to follow given steps :

First Quit all open applications
Now open Documents and open Microsoft User Data
Then drag Office 2011 Identities from the Desktop

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