Outlook 2016 Infected With Unknown Malware (Win32/Tescrypt.A) : How To Delete Win32/Tescrypt.A Effectively From Computer

Win32-TescryptMs outlook is considered as one of the best mail management application which is used by thousands of business holders in order to manage their various data. Outlook 2016 comes with most useful and impressive features which make its users easy to manage some typical tasks with an ease. But from last couple of days Outlook 2016 users are experiencing troubles while sending emails or accessing of computer, many Outlook users has reported that their PST files become completely inaccessible. They are also receiving unexpected error codes during scanning computer, luckily some Outlook 2016 users find out exact problem behind abnormal Outlook performance. The name of the problem is “Win32/Tescrypt.A”, it is an another variant of Malware program which has been categories in highly severe Trojan. When you will search this topic on Google then you will get series of results that will provide many removal methods to terminate this program completely from PC. Ref link (https://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/threat/encyclopedia/entry.aspx?Name=Win32%2FTescrypt)


  • File Size: 11,128.65 MB
  • File Type: EXE
  • Memory Resident:Yes
  • Initial Samples Received Date: Early March
  • Payload:Changes desktop wallpaper, Connects to URLs/IPs

Arrival Details

This Win32/Tescrypt.A threat may easily arrives on a system as a file dropped by other malware or as a file downloaded unknowingly by Internet users during visiting unreliable web-sites.


After installation it may create and drop following copies of itself into the compromised computer and executes them:

%Application Data%\{Random Filename}.exe , to get complete analysis, click here 🙁http://www.vkremez.com/cyber-security/win32tescrypta-ransomware-analysis)

But question is that does Outlook will perform properly after removing Win32/Tescrypt.A Trojan from Windows PC? Well it is tough to say because presence of this harmful Trojan may definitely create unexpected troubles for PC that may affect Outlook functionalities and even Win32/Tescrypt.A may cause Outlook crash, as you all known once Outlook PST files are prone to corruption and this malware may cause corruption with PST files. So in that you need to take some precautionary majors as well steps to delete Win32/Tescrypt.A immediately from PC. If Outlook 2016 issues will related to this Trojan virus then after removing this threat you can access Outlook properly, so being an Outlook user we recommend to use Windows Scanner tool to deal with existing Trojan and prevent computer from its consequences. So before this malware harm or cause serious trouble it is recommended to overcome existing issues without delay any more.

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