Malicious Attack On Computer May Cause Scanpst.exe Error | Where To Find Scanpst.exe Location

images (13)Outlook users may experience issues due to weird or non responding application functioning, in this article we are going to discuss about the limitations, usages, and location of scanpst.exe on Windows as well as Mac computer. There are many possible reasons are exists that may cause frozen or non responding Outlook application, missing of dll file, improper installation, misuse of file and respective directories are found behind Outlook issue on both computer Windows and Mac. Apart from these reasons malware invasion is also one of the most leading reason found behind Outlook issues for both Mac and Windows computer. Fortunately, we have solution of fix existing issues (ref. which is enough to deal with all kind of Outlook related issues and fix them in few clicks.

Scanpst.exe : An Overview

images (10)Being an Outlook user it is always advised to use Scanpst.exe to fix Outlook related issues or repair damaged PST files. This tool is an inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft Inc. that comes with all Outlook version this free utility is used to fix minor issues of PST files, as well all know .pst files are prone to corruption, but thanks to scanpst.exe that work like a first-ad kit. Ms outlook is used by both users Mac as well Windows users, any kind of malfunctioning or corruption with PST files may create big troubles but you can secure your precious data by repairing damaged files with the help of Scanpst. But it is quite tough to locate its exact location on Mac system as its location always varies on the basis of Outlook as well as OS version. (click here for other Outlook issues on Mac :-

For Mac users :-

So first you all need to find exact location of Scanpst.exe on your mac machine, basically its default location on Mac OS Outlook 2011 database file is: ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity/Outlook 2011 storage folders: ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity/Data Records
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For Windows Vista, 7 and 8 Outlook 2010 users :

Outlook data file default location: Documents Outlook FilesOutlook 2007 or earlier versions: C:Users YOUR_USER_NAME App Data Local Microsoft Outlook
It is very simple to operate Scanpst.exe and fix damaged pst files, in case files are severe damaged or problem still exists after scanning then you may take help of third party tool to get complete recovery and overcome Outlook issues. In some situations, your all personal PST files gets accidentally damaged and lost due to presence of malware attacks. So, to know more details about malware removal, visit :
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