Get Details About Office 365 Troubleshooting Autodiscover In Exchange Online : How To Fix It ???

office 365This article will introduced you with all those possible reasons that could prevent MS Outlook connecting to Office 365, as there are thousands of outlook users have already faced this troubles but they still unable to known exact reasons and solution to fix Office 365 Troubleshooting Autodiscover In Exchange Online issues. Lets understand what happened when we try to set up a new mail account for Office 365 with the help of Add New Account Wizard in Ms Outlook, here you will notice that your account is not set up automatically, additionally, you may receive unexpected following errors during set up the server settings for your profile :-

“An encrypted connection to your mail services is not available

When you test by using the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, the following error may be returned:

Autodiscover cannot process the given e-mail address. Only mailboxes and contacts are allowed.”

Microsoft’s expert team has discovered some causes for this Office 365 Troubleshooting Autodiscover In Exchange Online issue :-

  • Wrong email address may entered on the Auto Account Setup page of the Add New Account Wizard in Outlook.
  • May be you are running out-dating Outlook version that don’t meet required updated for Outlook to automatically connect to Exchange online.
  • The Autodiscover CNAME record for your domain is not exists or not setup properly as it should be.
  • Check properly Organization that use Active Directory synchronization, displayName, mailNickname, mail and proxyAddress attributes are not set properly.

Recommended methods to solve exists issues:

Step 1: Run Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant
Install and launch Ms Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant. For ref. ( you may visit this link :-

Additional methods

  • Are you using custom domain
  • Are you not using custom domain

For custom domain users :-

After performing Step 1: procedure issue still exists, and you are using a custom domain with Office 365, use and follow given steps in the same order they are listed. In case 1st step is not working or unable to fix existing issues then, go to the next step.

Step 2:- Upgrade to the latest Outlook version

First, make sure that you have put correct email address and password on Auto Account Setup of the Add New Account Wizard.

If you are running Outlook h2010 or an earlier version, then must updartege to the latest Outlook version for details see here :- and-install-Office-using-Office-365-for-business-on-your-PC-72977511-dfd1-4d8b-856f- 405cfb76839c?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US&fromAR=1

If you want to get help to set up Outlook for Office 365 then must follow given resources :-

Windows users see this :- Outlook-6e27792a-9267-4aa4-8bb6-c84ef146101b?CorrelationId=623124d7-72bd-424b- 9797-c596ad4d18bf&ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US

Mac users follow this link to set up email account in Outlook 2026 :- account-in-Outlook-2016-for- Mac-86bd232e-0422-49b5-9b60-d1c5f1109f40

In case after performing above steps Office 365 Troubleshooting Autodiscover In Exchange Online issue yet not resolved then, go to Step 3:

Step 3: Make sure that the Autodiscover CNAME record is set properly

It is strongly recommended to set up Exchange Auto discover during suing Outlook to connect to Exchange Online mailboxes. Correct and required record is very essential to set up with Autodiscover and other related DNS for Outlook connectivity in Exchange Online. Being an Administration you can use the Domain troubleshooting Wizard in Office 365 or Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer to confirm you have putt correct attributes, or records are set properly.

How to use Domain Troubleshooting Wizard in Office 365?

Follow given steps to use the Domain troubleshooting Wizard in Office 365 :-

1. Sign-in to the Office 365 portal by using an administration account.
2. Now click → Admin to open the Office 365 admin center
3. Move to left navigation pane then click → Domains, to select the name that’s used by affected user then click → troubleshoot to start wizard.

How to use Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer?

To use Remote Connectivity Analyzer in order to test whether Exchange Autodiscover is working correctly, go with given procedure.
1. open this link ( in your web browser, to browse the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool.
2. Full-fill the required fields then click on → Perform Test.


3. After finishing test, determine whether this procedure is successful or not, if test is successful it means Autodiscover is working properly or correctly. In case, test is not successful, use the information provided to troubleshoot the Office 365 Troubleshooting Autodiscover In Exchange Online : How To Fix It ??? issue.

For details and other resources, please visit :-