Recover Files From Password Protected PST Files

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Microsoft Outlook is the most popular personal information manager application which is worldwide famous due to its high performance, stability and capacity to store very large volume of data and make them available very conveniently. Outlook users rely on this application and store their personal information like emails, attachments, calendar entries, tasks, contacts, notes, journals and also browses Internet through it. Since the outlook application carry very important personal information, users always want to protect their outlook PST data and the solution for this is already given with Microsoft Outlook. A user can set the outlook PST password on it. Its a nice method to protect your outlook account from unauthorized access.

Recover Files From Password Protected PST

But many times this password becomes a problem when the user itself forget the password and have not written it somewhere to take reference in future. In such condition you may try several times but without knowing the correct password, you cannot access the data present in the outlook PST file. But it does not mean that there is no solution, of course the solution is available and is called PST Password Recovery Software. It is a professional scanpst.exe download to Recover PST Password. This application is capable to scan your outlook account and easily recover PST password and enables you to unlock your password protected PST file.

The features of this software include:

  • It can perform the easy and effective PST Password Recovery
  • It is capable to generate not one or two but six different outlook passwords and by using any one of them, you can access the outlook PST file
  • It is also capable to scan and find PST files on your drive too by using simple instructions
  • It is an accurate application and very easy to use due to its wizard based graphic user interface which is very easy to understand for any user
  • It supports all different outlook PST files, outlook versions as well as all different windows operating systems as well

So if you are having in a situation where your outlook PST file is password protected and you forgot the password then you should Recover PST Password by downloading PST password Recovery Software.

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Need Faster Outlook Performance – Split Oversized PST File Now

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Microsoft Outlook PST files are the most valuable files present in the Microsoft application. It contains everything that the user stores in the outlook program. This Outlook PST file is earlier available in the ANSI File format that had the 2GB oversize limitation. This actually means that the file size should not be more than 2GB in size and if it happens then you will face the Outlook PST file corruption and loose all the data present in the outlook PST file.

Need Faster Outlook Performance

Later on the newer PST file format was introduced with outlook 2003 and is called Unicode PST file format that has resolved the 2GB oversize PST corruption but still a problem was unsolved and it is the slower outlook performance due to the large PST file size. Microsoft did not gave any such solution to make outlook PST faster but now the solution is available and it can be done by Split Oversized PST File.The concept of split oversized PST file is effective as this way you can decrease the file size of the PST file. If the file size is decreases, it needs less system resources to be used while operating with the file by MS Outlook application. It is also the solution for ANSI PST files as splitting large file into smaller files will make them uncorrupted automatically. This thing can be done by professional third party scanpstexe Software. This software is capable to scan and split the database files i.e. PST Files.

Its functions includes

  • It can Split Oversized PST file in five different orders which are Split by Size, Split by Date, Split by Year, Split by
  • Folders and Split by Selected folder
  • It can perform Quick PST Splitting
  • It can perform qualitative splitting of PST file
  • It supports all different outlook versions so you can use it with all different versions
  • It is capable to run on all different windows versions

The Software is build to do the PST file splitting to create smaller PST files that can be easily imported back in the outlook PST file and used independently without any trouble. It is available to download so you can now download Split PST File Software and get back the faster outlook performance in few minutes.

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Outlook PST Problems Resolved Via Outlook Repair Tool

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When it comes to find out who is the best personal information manager program then the name of Microsoft’s Outlook comes on the top. It is an application that has lots of features and capabilities that makes tasks easy to perform. It is available as both separate application as well as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Outlook PST Problems Resolved

The Latest version of Outlook is Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 for Windows Operating system and Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 for Macintosh Operating systems. It include am email application, Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, Notes Taking, Journal and Web Browsing. It can be used in both standalone application as well as work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Sharepoint Server for multiple users in any organizations like shared mailboxes and calendars, Exchange Public folders, SharePoint Lists and meeting schedules. It is also capable to add itself to other add on application and integrate with the blackberry mobile phone and other software like Skype Internet communication. For software developers, they can use Microsoft Visual Studio to to create their custom application that work on outlook and office components.

Even if Microsoft has made so many updates in the Microsoft Outlook application, still there are some drawbacks in it. The most common drawback is the slow performance over time. To understand this you need to go through outlook’s data management mechanism. In the Outlook, the PST files which is also known as Personal storage Table is used as a repository. For every Single user profile, one PST file is created. It means everything that you are storing on your computer is getting stored in the single Outlook PST file and this simple cause increasing the size of the outlook PST file bigger and bigger very soon. That is proportional to the required resource that need to operate the outlook PST file. The bigger its size, the more resources it require from the computer. This makes the computer slower over time.Not only the slow performance issue but there are several outlook PST corruption issues too. If you are using outlook versions before outlook 2003 the there is a problem of 2GB oversize outlook PST corruption. In those outlook versions, there was the ANSI PST file format was used and this had the limitation of 2GB file size.

Whenever the PST file crosses this limit, the outlook PST file automatically corrupts. This means everything present in that PST file becomes lost and inaccessible.Microsoft addresses this problem and from outlook 2003, the Unicode PST file format was introduced which is free from 2GB file corruption issue. But still there are lots of reasons that cause outlook PST files damaged anda cause loosing the data. Microsoft Outlook comes with Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) which is build to scan and repair outlook PST file. It usually work and recover the data by repairing the file but it does not work in every kind of PST corruption. Like if the data part of the Outlook PST is corrupted then it is quite cumbersome for this tool to fix it and it generally fails to repair it. Here you need professional Outlook Repair Tool. The Microsoft Scanpst Tool is a professional award winning application that is build to make your computer running without trouble. This application is capable to scan and repair outlook PST files from various PST corruptions and repair as well as restore all the outlook PST objects. It uses various robust algorithms to scan and recover PST objects from your system. This program has various types of recovery options available too that can recover all different items.

Features of Outlook Repair Tool

  • It is capable to Perform email recovery
  • It is capable to repair corrupt and damaged Outlook PST Files from any condition
  • It can perform the email recovery for deleted files as well
  • It is capable to perform Encrypted PST File Recovery and recover data from password protected PST files as well
  • You can choose the selective files too and recover only those files as it provides selective recovery
  • It is capable to repair PST files larger than 2GB and give you the files
  • You can see the preview of the files before actual recovery process starts and choose the files you want to recover.
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PST Repair software : Easily Repair Corrupted PST Files in Outlook

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MS Outlook is an excellent emailing platform that provides uninterrupted communication round the network. It is the most widely used email client server that is used by both professional as well as personal users. Outlook uses PST file as the main data file to store outlook data. But these PST file is very prone to easily get corrupted. In the case if you have problems in outlook because of corrupted PST file you can easily deal with these issues using PST Repair software.

Repair Corrupted PST Files in Outlook

PST repair software is an efficient and advanced software that is especially designed to repair corrupted PST file in Outlook and restores lost or deleted Outlook data from corrupted PST files. It consists of high tech features that is able to scan corrupted PST file and easily restore lost data from all the fields present in outlook like e-mails, messages, notes, appointments, images , tasks etc. It is an easy to use software that uses quick algorithm for searching and restoring lost/deleted PST files. MS Outlook uses PST file as the main data file to store outlook data, but these PST file can easily get corrupted because of several reasons . But what may be the reason PST repair software is a comprehensive tool software that easily repairs corrupted PST file corrupted because of PST file header corruption, unexpected system shutdown, malware infection, unexpected system shutdown , over size limitations.

Inbox repair tool is an inbuilt application that comes installed with MS Outlook package to repair corrupted PST file. Though it is an efficient application to repair corrupted PST file but in many of the situation when the PST file is heavily damaged than it may not be sufficient to repair corrupted PST file and here users needs third party software to repair corrupted PST file

Efficiency in Recovering Corrupted PST File:-

Scanpst download appropriate solution to get rid of PST corruption issue as it easily repairs corrupted PST file in outlook. It is a powerful tool that consists of intensive algorithm that fully scan PST files in Outlook. This advance outlook repair software easily resolves all sort of PST corruption issues and retrieves all your important mails, messages, notes, appointments and other outlook data.

Salient features of PST Repair Software :-

Easily repairs corrupted Outlook PST file in almost all sort of corruption issues.
Repair and restore all outlook items such as mails, messages, notes, tasks , calendars, appointments etc.
shows preview of recovered mails in a tree like structure
Supportselective recovery of the Outlook folders
Compatible with all the vetrsion of Outlook including MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
Runs efficientlyin almost all version of windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8 ,Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000

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Repair Your Corrupt Microsoft Outlook File in few simple clicks

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Are you unable to open an important outlook file? Is your contact file corrupt? How can you repair the corrupt file?

Repair Your Corrupt Microsoft Outlook File

Microsoft Outlook is an application used for organizing e-mails, calendar, notes, memos, appointments and many more personal and business communication tools. All the mails, calendar events and other files of Microsoft outlook are saved with a .pst extension.

PST stands for Personal Storage Table. These files are stored on the user computer itself. PST files can also be stored on a server, but Microsoft recommends storing the file on the local computer. Because using it over a network may corrupt or damage the file. The more prominent use of PST file is that it is used to store archived items. PST files can get corrupt and there are various reasons behind it.

  • If the hard drive where the PST file is saved has bad sector then the file stored on that sector will get corrupted.
  • When trying to access a file over a network and the network has some problem then the file will get corrupted.
  • Power cut off while accessing the PST file can damage it.
  • File system getting corrupted. The file system keeps a record of the different files stored on the physical memory  of the computer, if by any chance the file system losses the record of the PST file then it is difficult for the OS to  locate the file when requested by the user.
  • Terminating the outlook unusually. The outlook should be closed properly.

When a problem arises in any PST file, the outlook will display a message which tells you to use the Inbox Repair Tool to repair the corrupted personal file. The Inbox repair tool is provided along with the Microsoft Office package. It is installed automatically when the Outlook is installed. Locating the folder is a difficult job when the need arises. You can easily download Inbox repair tool download. After successfully locating the Inbox repair tool folder, you’ll have to run the scanpst.exe so that it can scan the file.

The Inbox repair tool may not work with some of the PST file, for example a file which was created using an older version of the outlook and is being used with a newer version. Similarly a file which has crossed the 2 GB size limit might not be properly repaired with the Inbox repair tool.

If you are unable to repair the corrupt PST file or folder using the Inbox repair tool then you need to download a third party Inbox repair tool. The Reparation PST tool repairs and recovers contacts, e-mail, calendar, appointments and every file with the PST extension. It saves the repaired files to a safe location. The Outlook repair tool can also recover the lost PST files.

So click the link below to download the Outlook PST repair tool. Download it now to scan and get a preview of the repaired files.

Easy solution for outlook corrupt PST recovery in few steps

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Are you facing corrupt outlook PST file? How PST files get corrupt? Looking for an effective solution for outlook corrupt PST recovery?

outlook corrupt PST recovery

PST stands for Personal Storage Tables in Microsoft Outlook that stores all the important documents of users including mails, appointments, tasks, notes, calendar entries and all other data safely. But at times, you may fail to access your PST files which can further lead to severe data loss situations. The reason behind all these problems can be due to corrupt Outlook PST file because of which the files are inaccessible. There are certain reasons responsible when the need for outlook corrupt PST recovery arises.

  • Due to virus attack or server failure
  • When the PST files get oversized i.e. grow over 2GB
  • Because of unexpected system shutdown or sudden power failure
  • Due to sharing of files over a networked drive

All of the above reasons are responsible behind the PST file corruption issues and once the outlook files get damaged, it directs you to a number of errors. The most common among them are:

  • Outlook.pst cannot be accessed
  • Fatal Error: 80040900
  • An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040116
  • An unknown error has occurred 0x80040600 or Client error 0x80040600
  • Outlook.pst has reached its most size
  • Messaging interface has caused an unknown error
    In order to repair the corrupt Outlook PST files, Outlook provides you an in-built Inbox repair tool known as Scanpst.exe tool. By default, this file is hidden and thus you need to find and search its location which varies with the Outlook versions. But this tool associate certain limitations with it such as incomplete and slow repair process, inability to repair oversized outlook PST files and other severe corruption issues etc. due to which it cannot be considered as the helpful solution. The best would be to use PST Repair tool that performs the task of Download scanpst.exe recovery easily and completely

Some of the best features of this tool are:

  • Is capable to repair as well as recover all the PST objects including emails, tasks, journals, notes, contacts as well as permanently deleted emails completely.
  • Repair the corrupt Outlook PST files in read only mode without making any modification in the original files
    Compatible with almost all Outlook versions like MS Outlook 98, MS Outlook 2000, MS Outlook 2002, MS Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007 & 2010.
  • Has the capability to easily deal with severe PST corruption as well as oversized issues
    Integrated with an easy to use Interface so that you can outlook corrupt PST recovery by following only few simple steps.

So, considering the helpful features of PST Repair tool, just make a try to use this efficient software rather than Scanpst.exe inbuilt Inbox repair tool and repair your corrupt PST files in a complete manner.

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PST File Got Encrypted After Clicking on Unknown Email Attachment : How to Fix and Repair PST Files

imagesA few day I receive an email that contain a pdf file along with few attachments, it came from unknown sources when I click on that mail then my whole system get freezed and nothing work for until I perform restart computer. I was shocked after restart, my desktop background was changed automatically with a strange notification which states that my system files has been encrypted and if I want my files back then I have to pay certain amount. At the same time I was try to open a file appear on Desktop, unfortunately that notification was saying right my each and every single files was locked with unknown extension. I start searching about this situations and found many forum sites e.g :-

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Where To Find Scanpst.exe Location To Fix Damaged PST Files

computer-errorBeing an Outlook user there is no need to explain more about the importance of Outlook in daily life, this single mail management application is still popular among Internet users only by-dint of its beneficial features which help to manage many official schedules along with email. This multi-feature mail management application is being used by all professional and individual, as we all know that Outlooks store all its files in .PST format which is prone to corruption, once PST get corrupted due to any possible reason then it become quite tough to access outlook, so it is very important to repair corrupted PST files in order to access Outlook in a proper way. [ use this reference to repair PST files :-] Damaged PST files may affect other data files and also interrupt Outlook functioning to.

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Malicious Attack on Computer Causing Inaccessibility & Other Troubles With Ms Outlook Application

downloadHelp, I’m a regular computer user, from last couple of days my computer is performing weird. I’m unable to find-out exact problem behind the existing troubles. I’ve scanned computer and got surprised when scanning result display on screen, I got long list of malicious program in scanning result, afterward I start deleting detected threats and reboot computer. Nothing changed after deleting those suspicious programs, still I’m experiencing same issues, my computer is not performing like usual, it still stop responding or freezes for long time. I don’t want to access my computer in such situations, I was shocked when I start searching malware related issues and found that there are more than thousands of Windows and Internet users are being attacked by different Malware programs. I’ve got some solution from genuine and well know forum sites you may also see it :- for reference.

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Every Time RegClean Pro Ask To Scan Computer Before Sending/Receiving Outlook Emails

Help!! My Windows 10 is alarming that my computer is at risk due to malware, each and every time this RegClean Pro is popping up frequently whenever I open any installed software. My computer screen gets flooded with non stop security alerts its really tough to access computer in presence of such pop-ups. It is hampering my computing experiences and also preventing me sending Outlook emails. How can I get rid of RegClean Pro completely from my computer? What should I do in such circumstances?


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